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Jason has been driving boats on the ocean for over half his life, enjoying sportfishing, scuba diving, and PHRF racing in Southern California. Jason came south with the 2015 Baja Haha, and has been cruising in Mexico ever since. He has logged over 17,000nm in Mexico, ranging as far north into the Sea of Cortez as Bahia de Los Angeles, and as far south on the mainland as Zihuatanejo. He has over 2000nm of singlehanded experience in Volare. Jason runs a Facebook group called Sea of Cortez Sailors, where 3000 cruisers share information and news to help each other out. Lately he is known for sailing with mermaids, fire dancers, aerial silk performers, free divers, scuba divers, and other extraordinary people.

Yacht Racing Experience

Jason and his crew are the most easy going fun people you could possibly cruise with. They made me feel welcome and at home on Volare. Anything I wanted to do, they made it happen. In addition to the sailing, I got to experience sailing a kayak, chasing dolphins, and paddle boarding through bioluminescence at night. Spending time with them was a lifetime experience I will never forget. I hope I get to sail with them again someday. “ – Abby, travel nurse


  • Bucaneer Days Catalina Island
  • Baja Ha-Ha
  • Summer in Bahia de Los Angeles
  • Winter in Barra de Navidad
  • Volare painted in La Paz
  • Carnaval La Paz
  • Summer in Bahia de Los Angeles
  • Winter in Barra de Navidad

  • First monohull in WCM Rally
  • Singlehanding summer in Bahia de Los Angeles
  • Winter in Zihuatanejo
  • Summer in Puerto Escondido
  • Winter in La Cruz
  • Summer in Barra de Navidad
  • Winter in Zihuatanejo
  • 1st place Barra de Navidad Christmas Parade
  • Sailfest in Zihuatanejo
  • Summer in the Sea of Cortez
  • 2nd place Barra de Navidad Christmas parade
  • Mermaid sail
  • Summer in the Sea of Cortez

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