12V Mosquito Trap that you can run all night long

Mosquitos and jejenes (no-see-ums) can be a problem on your boat, no matter where you are cruising. We put screens up, but they always have a tendency to find their way in to the boat. There’s nothing worse then lying in your bed in the early morning hours, and then hearing the whine of a mosquito as it circles your head looking for a place to land and suck your blood. I bought two of these exact traps for the boat before heading south to Mexico. They are great for the boat because they take very little power to run. A UV light attracts the mosquitos, and a fan sucks them inside, where they die from dehydration/starvation. The light is a LED, and the fan is similar to what you’d find in a computer, also low power. The unit runs on 12v, making it super easy to cut the power cable, and adapt it for your 12v DC system, so you don’t need to run it off the inverter.

A couple of tips for using these traps:

  • You know how mosquitos usually bite your ankles? It works best to put the trap low in the boat, since we know the mosquitos like to hunt low to avoid detection.
  • The trap works using uv light as a lure, and the fan to suck them in. Put the trap in a dark place that is calm, wind would keep the trap from working.
  • Since the uv light is a lure, try to put the trap in a location that won’t be visible from the outside. You want to lure the mosquitos in your boat into the trap, not lure mosquitos that are outside to your boat!

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